Month: August 2007

p00r f00 f00

My poor kitten f00 had to go in for surgery this week and they ended up doing a lot more work on him than I think they really intended. He has drains in his neck that get to come out tomorrow and they had to […]

EM01b Websensor

I got an EM01b Websensor the other day so we could monitor the environmental conditions for the server room. Over all the device seems pretty cool. I do tend to have some connection issues with it, but that could just be because of network traffic, […]

The thing about sleep…

It just doesn’t seem to find you when you want it to… Just when its inconvenient and you can’t take advantage of it.

I think my brain has finally had a meltdown

So…. I was sitting at work trying to organize my stuff for the day and holy cow, I think my brain has completely shut down.Al I could do was stare at the stuff on my desk. Then one of the ladies I work with came […]