Month: October 2007

thoughts of the day

Do you ever wonder just what the heck is going on? Wonder what happened in life that started you down the path you’re on. Living in the past. Torturing yourself with all kinds of unanswerable questions. Then there are the times that are vague and […]

mmmmm…. candy!

I’m now in the candy selling business… w00t. Though I’m finding it hard not to eat the stock! I’m fully equipped with samples too! mmmmm…. samples. All of these gourmet chocolates are handmade. I have: Chocolate pretzels Turtles Peanut butter cups Maple Creme Clusters Peppermint […]


Elusive sunshine
Falling leaves tumble to earth
Pumpkins ghosts turkeys


Time is a slowness It oozes along each day Sit, stare, enjoy now

its finally happened…

I’ve just gotten a ‘new’ type SPAM!!!! Apparently now not only can they increase penis sizes, but also “Increase the size and shape of your breasts”! I’m really surprised this is the first one of these I’ve gotten. Thanks spammers! You made my day. 😀 […]