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Michigan State University Football

September 13

I love watching football, especially really good games. I really enjoyed the MSU game today, the rain made it even better. I just enjoyed the efforts of both teams so much! I throughly enjoyed the trick plays from Florida Atlantic and they never quit playing! Congratulations to MSU on their first home shutout in a while!

Fun in unexpected things

February 1

So I went to the MSU Women’s Basketball game last night, Michigan State vs. Michigan. Now I don’t usually like basketball. Something to do with squeaky shoes and not knowing the rules and bad experiences in the past. But anyway, my mom and I went and we had a really good time! It was unexpected, and it was amazingly pleasant. I think part of it was the fact that we were in the 4th row. This is how close we were... When I say 4th row I mean wow I could get up and walk about 6 steps and I’m on the basketball court. it was amazing.

MSU did end up winning, which was just an added bonus. Final score MSU 61 – U of M 58.