Month: February 2007

blah blah blah

Not much has been going on lately… Irq13 and I have gotten through the 2nd act of Gears of War on the insane level. Let me tell ya… it is insane and at time frustrating, but still a lot of fun! Fun with a capital […]

A little excitement

Tempos throbbing through my skin, My heart racing, Pulse throbbing in time. Bubbles up my nose, Tingling all the way to my toes.

y2k7DST can kiss my @$$!

I’d like to strangle the people who voted for the change in daylight savings time. Nothing like causing another Y2K-esque time for technology professionals. Great job! Already we’re seeing swaths of people with calendar data out of sync with reality.

My brain hurts trying to think of all the ways that this could possibly turn into a major 2 week nightmare. First there isn’t a ‘real’ patch for Windows 2000, it is after all not supported by Microsoft any more. Sure you can buy the patch for it from Microsoft, for $4000. Yippie! Like anyone in education has that kind of money to spend. Well ok, i’m sure there are a few, but we aren’t talking about them. What about all those poor saps that are home users still using Legacy Operating systems? You know who you are Mr. & Mrs. Win 9x. Not to mention Windows NT users.

OK enough of that… back to firefighting!

(thanks to for the great acronym!)

Definitely not Musak

One of my friends showed me an awesome little site! We’ll see how long it lasts.

I am Monster, hear me roar!

*rrrrrrRoarrrrrr… cough cough* Yeah! *growly growl*… So I was out floating in the messy messy place called the interweb and found out that I am a monster! I couldn’t believe it, but obviously the interweb knows all so who am I to doubt. At least […]

Image Gallery

So I finally got off my butt and added the image Gallery I’ve been meaning to for a long time now. I’m still working on things, since I’ve realized my loverly layout is hosed by all this tinkering about. But the stuff still works even if the layout is hosed.

So check the gallery out…


The roll of cute in life I love cute things. They make me smile. 😀