Month: August 2010

Office Warfare

In the interest of self preservation in the workplace, I have recently invested in Armaments  for my office.  The bolt action sniper rifle appealed to me, but I think I’m going to have to go back and get a side arm.  I have to see […]

Me being a dork…

So we were in Las Vegas a little while back for my cousin’s wedding and Cisco was in town, so of course we couldn’t help ourselves when we saw the giant Cisco sign. Had to get a picture with it. Bryan got more adventurous than […]

Rebooting a car

What the hell.

We bought a Honda Insight this year for the long haul treks to work, what I didn’t expect was that the car would need to be rebooted. Seriously. I’m driving along and XM stops working. Normally I’m not really worried about it, but I was listening to something I really wanted to hear on NPR and then no audio. Nothing at all.

I wouldn’t usually turn the car off and back on to fix it, but well it is the Radio and it is electronics. When I was stopped at a light I dropped it in park, turned the car off and then back on. Radio worked again. I think I need to invest in an old car, because it worked and I don’t think I should have to use computer troubleshooting on a car. It’s a friggin’ car dammit!


been coding and thought I’d throw some stuff out there.

So I like making life easier and all that for myself when coding….  So I decided a while back to recreate some of the tags I used to have in happy ClodFusion land into PHP land.  Granted I’m sure they aren’t as pretty or nifty, […]

Well I didn’t get anything for sysadmin day…

Oh well… there is always next year…