My bad writing


Slowly moving through the rhythm of sound.  That sliding, pounding that loops in my head. Then the sharp pain as I focus to much.  It splits my head wide, a cleaver like instance and then it’s gone. I lean back my head in the chair […]

brain pain

my brain is mushy coherent thought escapes me pain behind my eyes

struggle on

slowly closing the night’s sweet embrace slipping away ever clawing reality fighting for life drown it in the oblivion make it sleep, never to wake


slowly tumbling thoughts round and round, stop they will not struggle in my head

my brain is pudding

sticky sweet gooey not an edible canape fog over tv snow


sleeping restless night cold snowy morning fun time innocuous work

something I just found again

Silence enters Magic unfurling Glittering pale What matters surrounds them What casts them out They care not for the utterances of others Their peace Their solace Within them The magic surrounds them Filling the with life’s light Movement no longer a torment They come together […]

sleep eluding…

fleeting glimpse of my eyelids sinking off to oblivion another thought eyes open, staring stillness and rest surround me yet are lost.

slow the ticking thoughts

moving shaping living is it all about being hate anger despair remind me why I care overwhelmed exhausted numb To all my vices I succumb


moving slowly, silk hair flowing over skin luxurious feelings power, control, fulfillment how they play in the mind revealing wants, desires rolling your tongue to speak can i hear myself from this lofty perch i fear myself lost at times i find myself others where […]