Month: June 2008

There was a pale ale, a stout and a civic and they…

Saturday’s stout was a great success! Beyond that though, we sold the civic Saturday too. I have to admit that I’m pretty bummed to see it go, but its for the best, I suppose. Sunday we finished the beginnings of a raspberry pale ale. We’ll […]

Interested in the Brewing Process?

I love it’s the greatest, and it didn’t fail me with an article on how beer fermentation works and how beer works in general. Check it out! On another note, YouTube is another great reference. My favorite so far has been learning about All […]

Brewing is fun and sometimes frustrating…

Well things have been interesting on the brewing front. We moved our second batch to a secondary fermenter Wednesday. Everything was going well, but apparently there was a failure to take into account the possibility that aeration via the funnel and all that might cause a new burst of fermentation. We ended up with a fermentation lock that was a mess to say the least. We had to redo the fermentation lock and use the stopper-plug-tube-into-sanitized-water trick. I didn’t want to do it that way, but the Carbon Dioxide emissions were too intense for the little lock. I’m pretty concerned this is going to have a bad effect on the Blonde, but who knows. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. *sighs*

The Pale ale looks like its about ready to go into secondary too, but the gravity dropped again yesterday so I guess not quite yet.

This Saturday, we’ll be brewing up a stout. I’m really grooving on the whole Organic brewing too. We’re getting our supplies from Materagaia at the Lansing City Market. Man I love the City Market they have everything! Did I mention the cheese curds and the ice cream sandwiches? *drools*

Ok, that’s all for now!

Fiesta Charra – DeWitt, Michigan

As you may or may not know, I love Mexican food! I try to go out to different restaurants and try as many different things as I can. Though lately I’ve been having trouble deciding what to try. But that’s a different story. The latest […]

So far, so good with the brew…

The first batch of Rev. Porter has been bottled! We managed to do it Saturday night. It took longer than I expected and I think I ended up with Sediment in the bottom of some of the bottles, but hey it’s my first try. Now […]


Well we’ve taken the plunge and decided that it would be much more cost effective to brew our own beer. We’ll have to wait and see if it actually turned out though… But hopefully we’ll have a nice porter in a couple weeks. 😀

Stencil Graffiti on MSU’s North Central Campus

So as I walk around campus I always encounter these great, usually 2 color, stencil graffiti works. Granted some are better done than others, but hey that’s ok. I finally got out today and took some pictures of some of them. The ones I caught […]