Month: May 2008

Hill’s Fine Cheeses

I love cheese. I always have and always will. Now I have even more reason to love cheese, and that is Hill’s Fine Cheeses! I had some aged Gouda from them last weekend and I just about drooled on myself it was so good. Think […]

Junk email subject lines are sucking…

If you’re going to send Junk Email out, at least make it interesting to read the subject line.  All I’m getting these days are for loans, debt elimination and other crap along those lines.  So disappointed.  🙁

in the time before work…

silence now, quiet

coffee perks and bacon snaps

new morning dawns, fresh

¡¡¡2008 Festivals start this weekend!!!

Its that time of year… Festival Season is beginning! And yes, I mean Festival with a capital “F”! We got our copy of the 2008 LSJ Greater Lansing 24/7 with the Sunday Paper. Right there on the front is “63 Festivals – Don’t miss out […]

Random Post from a Category

This is the other stab in the dark for a WordPress Plug-in. This one pulls a Random Post from a Specific Category, just feed it the Category ID. Download the file from here.

Crack at a WordPress Plug-in

The plug-in displays 4 posts from a specific category.

The plug-in needs 3 parameters or you could just modify the code to not use them.

Usage: get_me_4_from_cat($category_id, $postmeta_key, $postmeta_value);

This was written to get 4 random events from a specific post category.

The addition of the postmeta variables enables an additional check for the event since posts weren’t being deleted. This example is based on the 2 digit year the event occurs in. (e.g. For 2008 one would put in ’08’ in the string for the function) The custom field key ‘year’, with this configuration, is added to the post and 08 is added for its value. This can be adapted to any postmeta key/value pair.

Example of use in Theme File:
<?php $randomPosts = get_me_4_from_cat(24, ‘year’, ’08’);

if ($randomPosts):
foreach ($randomPosts as $post):
setup_postdata($post); ?>
<li class=”storytitle”>
<a href=”<?php the_permalink() ?>” rel=”bookmark”>
<?php the_title(); ?>
<?php the_excerpt(); ?>
<a href=”<?php the_permalink() ?>” class=”moreSpot” title=”Read More”>
Read more…
<?php endforeach;
else : ?>
<h2> Not Found</h2>
<?php endif; ?>

You can download the plug-in file here.

Now that was good food!

I went to Los Tres Amigos in East Lansing last night. Holy mole! Good good food! Almost too much to choose from, so it was a good thing that my friend was there to help me choose. I got Combination #9 a tamale, an enchilada, […]

mmmm…. Mexican Food!

In my mind there are only 2 places to go in the Lansing area for Mexican. If you’re on the North side you go to La Senorita and if you’re on the South side you go to Los Gringos! I’ve been to some of the […]

New Pictures in the Gallery!

Wow look at me go! I just uploaded a new set of pictures… ok, so really 201 pictures. I guess I’ve been slacking lately. And yes, I know some of them are crappy. What’s the point of taking pictures if some don’t turn out. Geesh! That’s the problem with digital cameras, photos are too easy to delete.