Month: November 2008

new photos in the gallery

I added some new photos to the messy gallery… 3169 I was feeling vain this afternoon. 😀

sleep eluding…

fleeting glimpse of my eyelids sinking off to oblivion another thought eyes open, staring stillness and rest surround me yet are lost.

slow the ticking thoughts


is it all about being


remind me why I care


To all my vices I succumb

Grape and Cherry Soda

So now that I managed to make a Ginger Beer and a Lemon Lime Soda, with limited self-injury. I think it’s time to move on to bigger and I hope yummier stuff.  Not that my first two sodas weren’t great, but I really want a […]

Breakfast stout

We made a breakfast stout this afternoon. It should have a fairly low alcohol content and a nice silky mouth feel from the oats. This was a non-organic recipe we decided to make. If we like it, then we’ll reproduce it using organic ingredients. Bryan […]


moving slowly, silk hair flowing over skin

luxurious feelings

power, control, fulfillment

how they play in the mind

revealing wants, desires

rolling your tongue to speak

can i hear myself from this lofty perch

i fear myself lost at times

i find myself others

where does it all come from

will it stop

So strange this short fleeting life


Days shorten, soon dark Sadness wallows in leaf falls. Soon days will brighten