Month: January 2007

And then there was meeeeeee…

I had to do it… Just for the hell of it…

Am I in a freezer?

Ok, so I like winter. Not the uber cold frozen brass bra part, but the snow and fun that comes with snow. The one thing that really throws me though, is when I come into my office and half of it is cozy but yet […]

f00 and the art of kittens

I’m a sucker for a cute fuzzy face. Especially ones who have overcome, or are trying to over come hardships. f00 is one such case, which happened to hit all the right chords.
There are just times when you find the right furry person and both of you know it. If all goes well you take the furry person home and love them and they love you and its a match made in heaven. If you have other furry people at home already though, things can get interesting. Trying to get everyone to behave and to understand that I don’t love them any less can be trying. Gradual introduction is definitely the way to go, but can at times be difficult with ‘Nosey Nellie’ and the sibs who want to see what all the fuss is about and then wish they didn’t know.

So far f00 hasn’t gotten into any major trouble, though you’d think I never fed him the way he carries on at breakfast.

There are times in life…

When things seem to go your way and then, BAM! Right into a wall. That’s how I’m feeling today. Unmotivated, tired and yet restless. All at the same time.

servers suck

Sometimes I just hate Linux, but then I think about it and say to myself… ‘Well it could be windows…’. Not that Windows servers don’t have their place. For the web however, the only way to go, well in my opinion anyway, is Linux or […]