Month: January 2009

New stout experiment – followup

As you may have read, Bryan and I broke the stout recipe into 5 separate 1 gallon carboys to test that addition of various things in the secondary fermentation. We bottled the Dry Hopped one and the Control on Tuesday and we bottled the remaining […]

Sea Urchin Battleship sushi

So I decided to try sea urchin in sushi form the other day. I would not suggest trying it to any one else unless they had a strong stomach. Not that it tasted bad, it was the texture that so COMPLETELY grossed me out. I […]

Changing ones overall diet

So I decided to change over to a slightly different diet, well ok I guess it was a rather drastic change.  I went from eating meat to pretty much not eating meat.  I won’t say I’m a vegetarian, because that wouldn’t be true either. I like sushi too much to really want to give it up and Cheese is my number one favorite right along with potatoes. Anyway… I’ve found that my change to a breakfast of rice, roasted seaweed and miso soup makes for an interesting week. My body is still trying to adjust to the change and it isn’t being nice about it.  I think perhaps if one is going to change ones diet, a more gradual approach would be best.  Ah well, we live and we learn.

New stout experiment

We’ve brewed a new Stout, but this one (Dark Horse 4) is going to have a little twist going into the secondary… or should I say secondaries.  We are going to split the batch into 5 separate 1 gallon batches and see what happens when […]

Cordials and Liqueurs

I’ve made the foray into the realms of happy little cordials.  It seems a rather straight forward process, so I’m hopeful that it will work out a bit better than my first attempts at sodas.  I’ve started out with some rather simple ones: Banana Lime […]

my brain is pudding

sticky sweet gooey
not an edible canape
fog over tv snow

Another Top Ten Great Spam Subject Lines

Taking their cherries will never be this easy again Age doesn’t have to make you flacid Get this watch if royal blood is running through your vanes… She stopped using the vibrator after this The truth about you Make your lover beg for more Gigantic […]

Well winter is here… again

and there is no break in the weather pattern for the forseeable future.  I wouldn’t mind the snow so much if it wasn’t so blessed cold.  I swear I need a snow suit or something… I definitely am going to have to get some snow […]


sleeping restless night

cold snowy morning fun time

innocuous work

My car hurts my heart…

I love my car, but I’m beginning to think that it’s time to look at something new.  Otherwise it may just nickle and dime me to death… well more like 400$ here and 400$ there… First the oil pan and now the sway bar.  I […]