It’s quiet now, i hear the wind. The crickets sing, the birds chirping. The cars still drive by, but it’s more of a restful sort of hum. Low and soothing, rumbling on. Finding center, coming back. Breathing deep and settling in. It’s quiet now, beyond […]

Cheese dip

I made a cheese dip the other day and decided to reheat some today and see how it went. It still tastes awesome, but now I see the reason most of the chili con queso recipes start with a milk and rue. The way I […]

Happy SysAdmin Day 2010!

I hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful SysAdmin Day!

Happy Marmot Day Owosso!

Marmot Day was begun in 2002 in Owosso, Michigan, as a day of celebration for this animal which is usually considered as a pest. A luncheon is traditional as part of the celebration, and marmot jokes are also shared, among other festivities typical of any […]

Happy Donut Day!

Celebrate with Doughnuts and give to the Salvation Army.  2 great things, one great day to celebrate! More about Donut Day

Don’t forget to bring a towel!

Happy Towel Day all you Hitchhikers!

Happy Geek Pride Day

From Wikipedia… A manifesto was created to celebrate the first Geek Pride Day which included the following list of basic rights and responsibilities of geeks. Rights: The right to be even geekier. The right to not leave your house. The right to not have a […]

Happy Walpurgisnacht

Keep your fires burning and wait for the sun!  Spring comes!

Happy Monkey Day!

Yes I’m serious!  It was even founded at Michigan State…  Check it! Monkey Day…

World Hello Day

Celebrate the day by opening communications with others.  Say hello to at least 10 people today!  Hi!