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brain pain

August 12

my brain is mushy

coherent thought escapes me

pain behind my eyes


February 20

slowly tumbling thoughts
round and round, stop they will not
struggle in my head

my brain is pudding

January 13

sticky sweet gooey
not an edible canape
fog over tv snow


January 8

sleeping restless night

cold snowy morning fun time

innocuous work


November 5

Days shorten, soon dark

Sadness wallows in leaf falls.

Soon days will brighten


October 9

water pouring forth
sweet serenity, leaves fall
steaming, sipping warmth


August 11

Loss of sanity.

Moisture, wetness, welling up.

Desire rages.

thought smoosh

August 11

Crowding in my head

Thoughts tumbling around still

When did it start? Begin.


July 3

sparks. heat, like lava.
overcome. so close. resist.
faltering. flames. heat.

in the time before work…

May 23

silence now, quiet

coffee perks and bacon snaps

new morning dawns, fresh