Month: July 2008

Sam’s kitchen in DeWitty

So, I’ve been meaning to write about Sam’s kitchen in DeWitt. I love breakfast there. I know it might seem a bit pricey for some, but it’s along the same price lines as say the Flap Jack Shack (another one of my favorites). Anyway I […]

Blogging from my iPhone

So I got my iPhone and have been using it rather religiously, but now life just hot so much easier! I don’t even need my laptop to blog anymore! WordPress released an app on the apple app store. So cool! Now I’ll have no reason […]

In Memory of Mortisha

Littermates sleepingMortisha my little butterscotch bellied raccoon kitty passed away yesterday while I was at work. She was 14 years old. She is survived by her Mom & Dad, brother Gomez, step-brother Doodle, step-sister Ninja and step-brother f00. May she find happiness and peace. Her love, chatter, cuddles and warm fuzziness will be missed.

Dry Hopping, Victory & North Coast Brewing

There has also been a demand for us to do a few batches with dry hopping. We’ll have to see what happens with that. I had some great brews from Victory Brewing, so I’m not at all opposed to the thought. I really enjoyed the […]

Porter gets good reviews, Raspberry Pale Ale on deck…

Well our porter has come of age and is getting some good reviews. I still think its too bitter, but it is mellowing with age. Probably if we would have remembered the honey in the brew it would be completely different too. We’re getting ready […]

Honey Kolsch is born and thoughts move to video

After visiting friends down by Detroit for the forth we came home and decided to brew up our Honey Kolsch. I think this one we actually did everything right. Amazing I know. Well almost everything. The gravity reading got forgotten before we pitched the yeast.

I was thinking about putting together some videos for brewing, but there are so many out there, that are pretty quality, that I just don’t know if mine would be any more helpful. I guess I could try making one and see where it goes. I guess the first one would be how to take a hydrometer reading or something like that. Hmmm… Any brewing video requests?

f00 Brew – Pale Horse Ale bottled…

We bottled the Pale Horse Ale last night. Fortunately I had enough time during the day to clean and prep the bottles for our bottling. The priming mixture got a little too cold, because I got distracted, but I got it warmed back up to […]


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