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So I joined Weight Watchers…

February 23

Yes, I finally took the plunge.  I’ve been trying to get rid of the weight I gained before and during my pregnancy and it just hasn’t been going well alone.  Thus here we are with the Smart Points program.  I’ll admit the last 4 days have been a roller coaster of emotions for me.  From “I can eat that?!?!” to “WTH are you thinking making a 1/4 cup of raisins 6 points!”.  It’s been an interesting acclimation.  I think I’m getting closer to being able to handle this.

One of the harder things to deal with is going to be that I’m the only one in the house doing this.  Granted the boys are going to have to eat what I make for dinner, but they’re going to have the candy and pop and all that still around.  That could spell problems.  I think I can get away with not replenishing them and starting to substitute in things that aren’t so point heavy, like peppers or string cheese.  But that doesn’t stop them from buying things, but if I want them… I think I’ll just have to remember that there is a price for everything.

I’m going to try to keep a log of how things are going and maybe have some recipes I whip up on here.  Like for lunch today I made a 3 quart pot of miso soup that was only 5 points for the whole pot. Super Yum!

Catch ya!

Working with SharePoint

October 4

After working with Linux and Unix for so long it’s been difficult to go back to the Windows world. It’s not that I’m anti-windows or anything, it’s just a different environment and not one that I adore.

I’ve been trying to be fair to SharePoint and I don’t think that it’s necessarily a bad starting point, but it’s just so massive that it isn’t a one person type show.

I’ll continue to plug away at it and try not to squeeze my squishy ball to death when SharePoint designer or the web interface doesn’t work the way I think it should.

I think that’s all the ranting I’ll do for now. Like I said, it isn’t bad…. it’s just different.

Beautiful morning

September 25

Beautiful Morning, including the Sky!

Yesterday was a beautiful morning, even the sky was amazing.  The temperature was perfect and there was a great breeze.  It was just perfect.  I took a few pictures, but this is probably the only one that even remotely looked good.  I’m still getting use o the new camera on the phone.  Have a great day!

Shiny Sinks Rule!

September 24

My now shiny sink

So I’m trying something new, at least for me, I’m making my sink all shiny before I go to bed at night.  It seems to be a really happy feeling to get up and see it like that.  I still have some work to do to buff out the scratches in the stainless steel, but I’m working on it.  It’s a new endeavor to start eliminating some of the clutter in my life.  If you’d seen the sink area previously, you’d know that I have a tendency to have stuff on the window sill and on the part of the sink by the window, and dishes in the sink.  I’m trying to get away from that.  I also managed to make the coffee maker provide me with fresh coffee in the morning when I wake up (well except for the night the power was knocked out, that morning Bryan had to push the button. The Horror!).  So I’m on my way.  We’ll see how it goes and I’ll take it slow.

Fire skunk

September 5

I have smelled it! The mightiest of the skunks! Fire Skunk! I swear, something smells like fire and skunk. So ewwwwww!

Office Warfare

August 31

My New Nerf Sniper Rifle

In the interest of self preservation in the workplace, I have recently invested in Armaments  for my office.  The bolt action sniper rifle appealed to me, but I think I’m going to have to go back and get a side arm.  I have to see them coming in time to get them at a distance.  Though it is an effective deterrent and people are now wary of interrupting my coding time.  The barrel does disconnect for a shorter weapon, but I haven’t really seen a reason, other than transport, where that would be a useful thing.  Who knows maybe I’ll figure it out eventually.

Me being a dork…

August 31

Me and the Cisco Sign at The Mandalay Bay

So we were in Las Vegas a little while back for my cousin’s wedding and Cisco was in town, so of course we couldn’t help ourselves when we saw the giant Cisco sign. Had to get a picture with it. Bryan got more adventurous than I did. But I like this one.  I added some other pictures to the Gallery too… not much though.  Have to get back out and take some.

Rebooting a car

August 24

What the hell.

We bought a Honda Insight this year for the long haul treks to work, what I didn’t expect was that the car would need to be rebooted. Seriously. I’m driving along and XM stops working. Normally I’m not really worried about it, but I was listening to something I really wanted to hear on NPR and then no audio. Nothing at all.

I wouldn’t usually turn the car off and back on to fix it, but well it is the Radio and it is electronics. When I was stopped at a light I dropped it in park, turned the car off and then back on. Radio worked again. I think I need to invest in an old car, because it worked and I don’t think I should have to use computer troubleshooting on a car. It’s a friggin’ car dammit!


I have a new addiction…

January 18

Not surprising I know, but I do.  I’m not great at video games, but I’m not the worst either.  I play my Wii and I like puzzle games… what surprises me is my fascination with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.  I played The Call of Duty series as a first person shooter single player mode for COD 2 and 3.  I played the Single player mode for Modern Warfare 1 and got COD 5 for the Pacific Theater, but I just couldn’t get into that one… I guess I was WWII’d out.  I went back to the original Modern Warfare and made my first foray into multi-player mode. I got addicted to them and I got pretty good.  I even “prestiged” once to see what that was all about.  Yeah, that was about losing all my weaponry and having to earn it back, which I do have to admit was kind of fun.

When Modern Warfare 2 came out I made sure I had pre-ordered a copy for the hubby, but I found myself jonesing.  I begged and pleaded until I got my own copy. I think so far I’ve only made it through about half the Single Player mode, but I’m already getting close to prestiging in this version.  The maps are great and varied, though like in the last game I do have my favorites and I’m still trying to decide on which load-outs I like better.  The one thing I wish I could do though, is bring in the maps from the original and play them too.

I’m still getting use to the throwing knife and the “stickies”, but they do add a nice dimension to the play.  I’ll just have to keep working on it and get better as time goes on.  See you online!


Happy Winter Solstice!

December 21

Today is the day!  Days start getting longer from here!  That means spring is on the way!  Wooooooooooo!  That also means just a few more months until I can ride my motorcycle again too!

Now is the time to start looking at those seed catalogs!  Start planning for your spring garden…