I got an EM01b Websensor the other day so we could monitor the environmental conditions for the server room. Over all the device seems pretty cool. I do tend to have some connection issues with it, but that could just be because of network traffic, but who knows. I had to quit having Nagios ping it , because the Nagios server was sending me probably 100 emails over the weekends and anywhere from 10 – 15 a night when it couldn’t ping it, and then another 10 – 15 more when it was able to reconnect. Other than that the data has been good from the environmental portion. We were able to prove that we weren’t making up the desert like conditions in the server room. We’re finally getting the cooling system we’ve been asking for! W00t!

Oh yeah so back to the sensor. The technical support was pretty good. They did try and fix my ping problem even sending me a new sensor, configuration and the new c file to compile, but alas I still have the problem.

Compiling the c file was cake and the Nagios plugins were easy to use. Over all I’m giving it a B. 🙂

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  1. We had similar issues with our em01b. It works fine for awhile then drops off the network until you cycle the power. When it can connect, it works well and does what is supposed to. We had the same experience with their support. I think its just the nature of this particular device. Maybe they will fix it in future versions, who knows. But until they do, they should think about lowering the price.

  2. I’m pleased to report the network issues are fixed and the EM01b now supports Flood monitoring and has a real-time LCD display. The new version is a great all-round server monitoring solution.

    For full details on the latest range visit – http://www.sensormetrix.co.uk/range.php?id=1&app=1

    In answer to Rob’s question, this unit is recommended on the Nagios site plus we have a very close relationship with Nagios so our support is second to none, so in my humble opinion there is no better device…


    Sensormetrix Product Manager

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