Month: April 2007

Wedding in the works…

irq13 and I have finally set the date and preparations are underway for our wedding. For more info… check out w00t!

Odds of disaster on Friday the 13th

50/1 ODDS

  • You’ll get a flat tire
  • You’ll get locked out of your house/aparment
  • You’ll get sick
  • You’ll get a ticket of some kind
  • You’ll find $$$$


  • You lose your job
  • You break a leg
  • A bird will poo on you
  • Your car will get towed(Much higher if you park on campus 😉 )
  • Your car will get stolen
  • You’ll slip on a banana peel


  • You throw your back out
  • You’ll lose all your hair


  • Ypur spouse leaves you
  • You go bankrupt
  • You’ll win the lottery


  • The world will end

And you thought that online sports bookies were only good for betting…


History destroyed Tired land, Tired people Soar High, restore us


Azaleas blooming Trees budding vibrant green light life reawakens

Internet Explorerssssss

I found it!
I didn’t even know I’d lost it….
But I found it!

This progrm installs from IE3 to IE 6 and they run fairly happily together!

I have issues since I run a Mac that all my sites always break in IE. No matter what version it is. But I’ve finally got my Virtual machine up and I loaded on the Multiple IEs and I can check them out now! Booyah!


Time passes us by We forget who we were then The new kills tour past


Desolate Houses Expansion, Dead trees, Power lines Beauty lost, progress

Time for some site maintenance

So I’ve been poking around and have come to the realization that I need to do some serious maintenance on my site. The thing that really tipped me off was when I changed the Image Gallery. You might notice some changes and mods in the next few days… just ignore the dust! 🙂


Black tar and concrete Rubber smells, diesel engines Landscape passes by