Month: April 2018

Meal Delivery Services and Freestyle Points

I’m going to be trying out some meal delivery services in the next few weeks and seeing how they stand up with the Weight Watchers Freestyle Program.  The ones I’m going to be trying are Terra’s Kitchen, Hello Fresh and Chef’d. I don’t usually have […]

Hash Brown breakfast Muffins

Print Hash Brown Breakfast Cups Prep Time: 15 minutes Cook Time: 15 minutes Total Time: 30 minutes Yield: 12 Muffins A great way to start the day! These muffins are great straight from the oven or reheated in the microwave. Ingredients Hash browns; if frozen, […]

Go To Munchy Snacks

Sensible Portions Cinnamon Apple StrawsSo it took a while for me to really find something that satisfies my munchies.  But I think I’ve managed it with these 2 things.  When I have the Desert Munchies I go after the Sensible Portions Cinnamon Apple Straws.  With those you can have 38! Yes that’s right 38 of them for just 4 points.You can find them in the “dreaded snack isle of Dooooooooom” and then the isle isn’t so bad.  You could also go with either their Veggie Straws or the Veggie Chips as well, but I’m all about these little sticks of awesome.

Now if you’re looking for something truly decadent and want to make it feel like you need to hide in a hall closet to eat them, I highly suggest the Simply Cheetos Puffs.  They’re pretty much like regular Cheetos, not the crunchy ones mind you, but not all neon orange.  These are awesome!  They also make a Jalapeño Cheddar one that is my Husband’s go to for his snacking pleasure.  These awesome Cheetos are 32 for 5 points.

If neither of these things appeal to you or you’re not wanting to portion out a snack and want it NOW NOW NOW.  I hit up our son’s snack drawer.  The 3 pre-packaged snacks are all 4 points a bag.  If you get the “Natural” Applesauce without all the added sugar and what-not, that is a 0 point snack to go.

I hope that these suggestions help you in the snacking realm for when you really want to make it feel like you’re being naughty, but really not be.  #ILoveFoodAndThatsOK

If you’re not feeling naughty… don’t forget all the glorious 0 point fruits and vegetables you can snack on as well!  Just remember when you eat too many blueberries you poop blue… ;D


It’s been a long time….

After gaining a bunch of weight after stopping Weight Watchers, I decided that with the new Freestyle program I would get back in the saddle and see what happens.  I’ll keep you posted on the interesting and perhaps the non-interesting ones too.  😀