Slowly moving through the rhythm of sound.  That sliding, pounding that loops in my head. Then the sharp pain as I focus to much.  It splits my head wide, a cleaver like instance and then it’s gone. I lean back my head in the chair […]

Stencil Graffiti on MSU’s North Central Campus

So as I walk around campus I always encounter these great, usually 2 color, stencil graffiti works. Granted some are better done than others, but hey that’s ok. I finally got out today and took some pictures of some of them. The ones I caught […]

Feeling like a goddess…

Sitting at the edge of my desk, hands poised over the silky, blue-blackness of the keys waiting for the right time, the right place. Where to start, where did it all begin? Feeling your hands on my skin. So smooth, they distract me from my […]

A little excitement

Tempos throbbing through my skin, My heart racing, Pulse throbbing in time. Bubbles up my nose, Tingling all the way to my toes.

little fishies

Little fishie In my mind you play Here you float about in endless waves of warmth Carefree You stuff your face when you’re hungry You’re so happy I wish I could make that here I wish you were happy My little fishie My playful, happy, […]