So I decided to say what the hell and signed up for the “Rockmelt” beta. I was intrigued by the video and thought it might be a good experiment.  Unfortunately, it really did not live up to my expectations.

The interface is nice and the ability to add favorite friends and feeds is a nice thing.  The chromium engine give it good speed for loading and browsing and the ability to limit javascript and plugin activity is nice, though nothing close to what NoScript is capable of in Firefox.

I understand that it is a beta and that things may not work properly, but core functionality should work.  I’ve tried on multiple occasions to “share” a link with either friends or post it to my wall and it has not worked.  the button works, but the connection to Facebook fails.  I find it interesting though that when I look at the feed for Facebook, on the left, my credentials work and things are hunky dorky.

The search is different and I’ve had to get use to not seeing them in a page, but in a drop down menu.  That hasn’t really bothered me and the overall usefulness of the search is on par with any other search.  It’s all based on what you’re searching for and how you phrase it.

I’m going to Zap the and reinstall it to see if the issues I’ve been having persist.

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