Things are going now

There are a lot more cars here now! Great mix of Detroit Muscle and Tuners.

Early morning at the Car Show

This is going to be a great time! Come out to LCC’s West Campus on Mt. Hope and join the fun!

Blogging from my iPhone

So I got my iPhone and have been using it rather religiously, but now life just hot so much easier! I don’t even need my laptop to blog anymore! WordPress released an app on the apple app store. So cool! Now I’ll have no reason […]

Random Post from a Category

This is the other stab in the dark for a WordPress Plug-in. This one pulls a Random Post from a Specific Category, just feed it the Category ID. Download the file from here.

Crack at a WordPress Plug-in

The plug-in displays 4 posts from a specific category. The plug-in needs 3 parameters or you could just modify the code to not use them. Usage: get_me_4_from_cat($category_id, $postmeta_key, $postmeta_value); This was written to get 4 random events from a specific post category. The addition of […]

EM01b Websensor – revisited

I’m still not 100% pleased with this little thing. It seems to work most of the time, but I’m still seeing random points where it just won’t talk to the Nagios server. If there was a pattern that’d be one thing I could track down […]

Dutch Judge Declares Use of eVoting Machine Illegal

A judge in Holland has declared use of electronic voting machines illegal. According to the ruling, machines used in Dutch elections in November and March did not have adequate authorization and some were not certified. The most concerning factor for the Dutch government, which last […]

UK Authorities Can Demand Decryption Keys

Law enforcement authorities in the UK now have the power to compel people to reveal decryption keys. If the request is refused, people could face up to five years in jail. The change comes as Part III of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) […]

its finally happened…

I’ve just gotten a ‘new’ type SPAM!!!! Apparently now not only can they increase penis sizes, but also “Increase the size and shape of your breasts”! I’m really surprised this is the first one of these I’ve gotten. Thanks spammers! You made my day. 😀 […]

Finally got my new Apple Keyboard

w00t! I ordered it back on August 20th and just got it Monday. I didn’t think I’d like it the first day I was using it, but its definitely grown on me. Everyone who comes in is really envious of it too, which makes it […]