A judge in Holland has declared use of electronic voting machines illegal. According to the ruling, machines used in Dutch elections in November and March did not have adequate authorization and some were not certified. The most concerning factor for the Dutch government, which last week decided stop using evoting machines, appeared to be the absence of a verifiable paper audit trail. Thousands of e-voting machines are sitting idle in various storage areas; the Dutch government spent 60 million Euros (US $84.8 million) to purchase the machines, and storage is costing 700,000 Euros (US $989,000) annually.

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  1. I read that… It just made me mad, especially after I saw the “Hacking Democracy” documentary. Its not hard to see that these machines just don’t work. Yet we keep using them and letting corporations sell the election to the highest bidder. At least that’s what it seems like keeps happening.

  2. I think you’re looking at it wrong, Missy; they DO work, just not the way honest people would expect them to. It’s not being cynical if it’s true. 8^/

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