My bad writing


Days shorten, soon dark Sadness wallows in leaf falls. Soon days will brighten


Sitting Staring Wondering Why? Love Hatred Caring Cold? Stand Fight Missing Love?


So many trials in life. Too many ways to win… or lose Why do things have to be so difficult. So many contradictions So many forks. So many traps. So much to win. So much to lose.


water pouring forth sweet serenity, leaves fall steaming, sipping warmth

Broken Bodies

The body broken The soul your only token The world to come I know it, it makes me numb My life, gone I was but a pawn The reaper comes and I go Still the world sleeps as I scream My life at it’s end […]


Up from the floor Covered with gore Some life ends And some begins Necks all broken Wounds tore open Up in the moon The people of death start to croon Emerge from the past lose yourself in the blast Come and go as you will […]


So bright the sun Bright the day little one Song & Flight The courtship starts Bright plumage specks of light in the spring Flowers Seas of color abound Spring forth from the dreary day Come forth the light of day Shed your drab plumage Embrace […]


Seas of thought Tumbling waves Great oceans of inconsistencies Breakers of ideas Funneling details Rivers rage forth Thought moving, changing

Dead Thoughts

There are no words now They are all dead Thought is gone The brain has fled He wants words There are none Thinking nor speaking They flee from my  mind Never leaving a thought O my poor mind Oh how I wish I could find […]


Loss of sanity. Moisture, wetness, welling up. Desire rages.