Saturday’s stout was a great success! Beyond that though, we sold the civic Saturday too. I have to admit that I’m pretty bummed to see it go, but its for the best, I suppose. Sunday we finished the beginnings of a raspberry pale ale. We’ll have to see how that goes.

For the fourth of July weekend we’ve got a Honey Kolsch, Russian Imperial Stout or a Strawberry Cream Ale to work with. I’m really excited about these batches, but I’d really like to get the next batch all bottled and conditioning. I think our pale ale is going to be ready a long time before the Belgian, which is a bit of a bummer, but that’s what happens when you wake the yeast back up. We’re going to have to decant it again into a new secondary fermenter. I’ve probably already mentioned that a million times, but it still just blows my mind that sending the beer through the funnel and letting it all splash was enough to get that yeast going insane again. But, you live and you learn.

Anyway, it’s time to try and finish out the day.


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