I had a great time this weekend. We saw UFC 87 with Timo and friends. Shared our beer and had a blast. I can only think of a couple things that could have possibly made the weekend any better. One of them being more RockBand!  I’ve started doing the bass lines on hard, I suck again, but I’m not going too bad and I was doing solid high 90s on Medium, so I figured it was time.

I’m still looking into changing the name of our band on RockBand. I think I just figured it out, but I”ll have to wait and see.

We brewed 2 batches this weekend too and bottled our IPA. It definitely went a LOT smoother/faster with Timo’s help. Really looking forward to the next set of yumminess! We’re adding the Honey Kolsch and the Stout to regula rotation. They’re just that good! Other than that we’ve got a Irish Red Ale that should be getting cclose to going into secondary and Bryan’s new ‘Fig Nuts’ recipe is going in the primary right now. W00t1

On a bummer note, I can’t find my glasses or my ear buds. /me sighs
One of these days I won’t lose this stuff. Yeah right. /me shakes head


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