Olive, Krab and Feta Omelet

So I was just going to make scrambled eggs, but for some bizarre reason that intention turned into an omelet. A very very salty omelet.  Everything started fine.  The cheese was good and the Krab was well… the only protein available, but it still wasn’t bad. The problem item was the olives and my lazy butt.  I was going to chop up the olives, but nooooooo.. they’ll cut when I use my fork.  So I ended up with a boat load of super salty Kalamata olives.  I still ate it and it was edible, I just think that I could have gotten away with half the olives if I would have chopped them up and then the salty would have been balanced more. At this point I would also like to give kudos to the pan I made this omelet in.  My Great-Aunt’s Le Creuset Flame Orange 6.5″ enameled cast iron skillet.  LOVE IT!  I’m having a whole cast iron love fest lately, they’re the best thing since my Classic ScanPans (Ceramic Titanium).

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