I was trying to do some surfing tonight after a reboot and some Little Snitch Updates.  Thing went horribly wrong and once my Mac Book restarted all I could do was right click and I could only right-click on things that had focus.  It was horrifying, and I think the only time I’ve ever wished to be back on Window… for a brief moment.  I couldn’t left click I couldn’t get focus on any controls.  It was pretty nerve wracking.  Regardless though, I finally managed to find that in System Preferences under the Keyboard section and then shortcuts; there is an option to do CTRL+F7.  This allows for “Full Keyboard Access to All Controls”.  My Savior!  After that I was able to navigate using right clicks and Tab and the Space Bar and Enter and other keys to navigate through the Little Snitch Update to 3.6.1.  After the reboot all was well.  So very happy and relieved.  I will definitely be leaving Full Access Enabled.

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