I know it probably doesn’t sounds the greatest, but damn it’s pretty good!

I was going to have tomato soup for lunch today, but then thought ‘hey, I’ll throw in some cheese curds and it’ll be even better’. Then something unexpected happened.  The Spinach I had had in the fridge thawing called out to me…

“Add me to your soup!”, the spinach exclaimed.

“I don’t know…”, I replied. “You might make it kindda weird.”

“You won’t know until you try…”, the spinach continued.  “You like me almost all other ways, come on.  All the other veggies are doing it.  Just look at you and those sexy little green beans… They were good with tomatoes and cheese weren’t they.  I bet I’ll be twice as good!”

Now normally when my food talks to me I don’t listen and it gets thrown out.  It’s better that way.  but this time… I just couldn’t help myself, I think it was the coffee, the next thing I knew I was sqeezing the daylights out of the spinach to get the exess water out and into the cooker it went.  The cheese curds went on top and everything went into the microwave for about 3 minutes.

I’ll be a monkey’s aunt if it isn’t as good as the spinach told me it would be.

I guess I shouldn’t ignore all my talking food.  I might miss something else good!  😀

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