I’m on my yearly trek to Florida and warmer weather, and have ended up in Macon, Georgia. Macon is an interesting place, apparently they even have a cherry blossom festival. I haven’t seen any cherry trees, but I have to assume they exist. Though I did think it was a little early for them, but that is probably just the Michigander in me talking.

Last night we stayed the night in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. I like Kentucky and Tennessee its some beautiful land. I love the mountains. There were lots of waterfalls coming out and down from the rocks that sequester the freeway from the rest of the world. 6% grade on the road is a little crazy sometimes, but as long as the semis can get to the runaway truck ramps if they need to I’m happy. I can’t imagine driving one of those things up and down those mountains.

Well I ate too much dinner and had my mandatory St Patty’s day Guinness so I’m off to bed. I’ll post some trip pictures tomorrow when I can find where the heck I pack the power cable for my peripherals. 🙂


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