I’ve been walking/running up and down the stairs in my building for about a month now. It was really difficult for me to do it at first. I wanted to so not do it. It has gotten easier now and I’m up to 25 minutes of going up and down. Frankly I’m waiting for one of my legs to give out and for me to then take a header down the stairs. Hopefully that never happens, but who knows what nefarious things are possible for stairs. They’re rather evil after all.

So anyway, I’m especially whipped today. I’m not sure why, but I am. Apparently according to ‘the man’ I need more protein since some of my fingernails are peeling. Meh. That’s what I think of that. And of cellulite and fat and… well you get the point. 4 weeks of sweaty lunchtimes and no weight loss to show. Supposedly muscle weighs more. Well meh to the muscles that aren’t eating all the fat I want them too fast enough for my liking! Yeah I’m tired and cranky too apparently. 🙂

I guess I’ll survive though.

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