The first batch of Rev. Porter has been bottled! We managed to do it Saturday night. It took longer than I expected and I think I ended up with Sediment in the bottom of some of the bottles, but hey it’s my first try. Now to wait for the carbonation and hope the caps don’t blow off… Now that would not be fun.

Sunday night we started our second batch… Happy Smiley Sunny Summer Blonde.

It’s going to be interesting. According to the Hydrometer reading, we may end up with a rather high alcohol content on this one. We’ll have to see how it works out. I’m definitely going to get a bottling wand for this batch though.

I also learned that I never ever want to use pellet hops again, decanting into the Carboy sucked. The hops kept clogging the filter and I’m sure that we forced more goo through the filter than anticipated, but it was the only way to get the wort through the funnel. Unfortunately before that revelation I had purchased the hops for the next batch, I think if we use the brew socks with it though we shouldn’t have the same problems, but who knows.

It’s all a learning experience anyway and YouTube has been invaluable in this endeavor! Long live streaming video!

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