Sometimes I just hate Linux, but then I think about it and say to myself… ‘Well it could be windows…’. Not that Windows servers don’t have their place. For the web however, the only way to go, well in my opinion anyway, is Linux or Unix. There is just too much overhead for Windows and the poor little boxes I have to work with just don’t cut the mustard under its massive weight. Now you’re saying well what are you using for servers?!? You really don’t want to know. Lets just say in today’s penny pinching budgetary world, I haven’t had a new server since 2003. So back to my angst. Linux Networking. If there is one thing that makes my head hurt more than anything else, its Linux networking. Its probably just me being unab;e to grasp its easy happiness, but it torments me with its funky non-working self and its multiple change points and commands. I’d rather rebuild a server from scratch then mess with the networking. That’s how much I hate it. Just thought I’d share… 🙂

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