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Along with the squash I had some tomatoes that needed to be used or they were going to rot, so…. I made some salsa.  I usually make a fresh salsa or a table salsa, but I decided to get adventurous and blend the 2 together.  I had about 8 tomatoes, so right there I’ve got to make a double batch.  I’ll try and relate the recipe, but really I add the spices and such until it tastes good to me.

I diced the tomatoes and added them first then I got out a medium white onion and diced it.  Usually I’ll use a small one since Mr. the Man doesn’t like them, but I was going to take this to work, so medium onion it was.  after that, I realized we had used the last 2 fresh jalapeños in the last chili, so I had to dig out the backup can of diced ones. I put in about 1 tablespoon of white vinegar and after that it was all spices.  There is Smoked Paprika, cumin, cilantro, salt and pepper.  There really isn’t much to it.  I always thought I’d have to go through a lot more effort to make salsa, but nope.

Oh!  One last thing… I do try and squish the seeds and some of the guts out of the tomatoes while I’m making it, so it isn’t too soupy.  You could probably also put tomato paste in it to thicken it up.

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