I’m sure other programmers have this issue too, but it has really become apparent that I sometimes suffer from “missing operator syndrome”.  That disease that causes one to sit and stare at a piece of code that really should work for time unending, until you finally smack your self on the forehead or wherever and have “the moment”. Well there is your problem right there dork, you forgot the (insert relevant operator here)!

I had one of those moments this mornning.  I’ve been steadily writing an inventory system for work, which evolved into a inventory/staff directory/IP tracking program.  I recently added a section of code which allowed us to specify the purpose of the computer and the primary user of the computer.  Well inthe change I managed to put a quote in front of a variable.  This of course made it so that said variable wasn’t being read.  That makes it a little difficult to pull up user records.  Anyway, problem solved.  Score!

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