We’ve brewed a new Stout, but this one (Dark Horse 4) is going to have a little twist going into the secondary… or should I say secondaries.  We are going to split the batch into 5 separate 1 gallon batches and see what happens when we do a few different things to it.  We will leave one 1 gallon “untainted” for a control.

As you may or may not know, we usually brew organic beers and this one is no exception.  What this means to us is that anything we put into the secondary also needs to be organic. Our supplier Brad from Materagaia always gets us the best supplies and the additions we can’t get from him we get from ELFCO (East Lansing Food Co-Op).  So for this experiment we’ve procured some fun items.

  • Organic Cherry Concentrate (From Apple Schram in Charlotte, MI)
  • Hazelnut Syrup (From ELFCO)
  • Organic Cascade Hops (From Materagaia)

We were going to do chocolate in one and got organic chocolate from ELFCO, but really we decided that we should really put that in in the boil.  So we’re left with the descision, do we use organic orange, vanilla or almond extract for the last one.  I’d really like to try the orange in a chocolate stout, but I don’t know about this one.  Either way we go it ought to be interesting.  🙂

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