I have 4 goldfish at work. They’re in a happy little 20 Gallon tall, planted fish tank and I like having them here. Now though, I’m sad and anxious. With the last water change Brock Sampson got a fungal and secondary bacterial infection. Then thinking I was doing everything right yesterday, I read the directions on the medication the fish store gave me wrong and undermedicated the water. Sampson looks even worse today. 🙁 His fins are starting to disolve and he’s listless and lying on the gravel at the bottom. He’s still breathing, which gives me hope, but it is so difficult not to be able to just ‘fix’ things for him. I lost the last gold fish I had for over 11 years, Dave, the same way. To an infection and some parasites. On a positive note Dr. Orpheous,Baron Underbheit and Dr.Girlfriend are doing well. The Baron seems to be reponding to the treatment, but he wasn’t as far along with it as Sampson.

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