In my mind there are only 2 places to go in the Lansing area for Mexican. If you’re on the North side you go to La Senorita and if you’re on the South side you go to Los Gringos! I’ve been to some of the other Mexican restaurants in the area and I just keep going back to these 2. The food, is some of the best and the people are nice. What more can you ask for?

You may say, ‘Are you MAD, Los Gringos?’. And I say back, hell yes! It may not look like much, but the food is, to me, always spectacular and the people always make you feel like you belong there.

Again, some may dispute my love for La Senorita, well… 😛
I like it and I’m going to keep liking it as long as they keep feeding me Garcias and Hawaiian Punch!
Yes, yes I have had other things there and I like their tacos, and their burritos and their fajitas… do you want me to keep going? Because I can!

Now I don’t have anything for Grand Ledge or East Lansing, though you could argue for La Senorita’s for East Lansing, but technically its still Lansing, so again. 😛

Tonight I’ll be trying out a new place in East Lansing and we’ll see if I like it.
Hola, Los Tres Amigos!

Hasta manana!

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