Ok, so a while ago I mentioned that we tried making a Mexican Pizza.  It turned out phenominal!  We used the spent grain pizza dough we’d made from the Hazelnut Brown Ale. I had already done the 500°F prep on it so that was a bonus.  We had some Hot Italian Sausage (about .75 pounds) from AppleSchram Orchard left over from making chili, so I broken it up and browned it over medium-high heat.  While that was browning, I got out the refried beans and coated the bottom of the pizza crust with a thin-ish layer of them. After I got the suasage browned, I dumped about half a jar of Green Mountain Gringo medium salsa in to the pan and stirred it up.  I let that simmer for a little bit, I think it was 2 – 3 minutes, then dumped it out on the pizza.  I wanted to use the pre-shredded mexican blend cheese on it, but I found out I didn’t have any, so I used mozzerella and parmesean on top of the sausage/salsa mixture after I got it spread out.  I had preheated the oven to 425°F and cooked the pizza for about 13 minutes when it came out with the cheese appropriately nom-able.  I let it sit for about 5 minutes and chopped up some lettuce and smashed some tortilla chips.  We cut it up and used the chips and lettuce on top.  YUM!  I ate too much though, but oh well ya only live once!

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