So you’ll remember, maybe, back in January I made some cordials or liqueurs (whichever you want to call them).  Well I finally did the final decant and wow and I pleased with what I’ve got!  The Lime was wow!  I mixed it with some lemonade. Holy cow!  I took a sample down with us when we visited our friend Nic, who is now my favorite mixologist, and made some stellar concoctions with them.

From the Hazelnut Liqueur was made a mudslide-esque drink, which was delish! We made a few iterations from it, but ultimately the Mudslide type was the best.  The Hazelnut has really matured, but it still seems a bit harsh.  I’m going to store it a bit longer and see what happens.

The Banana Liqueur was turned into a chocolate banana drink with the Creme de Cocoa. Another phenominal result.

Since they turned out so happy, I think I’ll keep going down this lane. I may have to start distilling if I’m going to keep this cost effective though.  I guess we’ll just have to see where that takes us.  I do have a distilling book and I found out there is a class on distillation on campus, so I may just have at.  I don’t know.  It’ll either be that or I’ll try my hand at cheese. Distilling just seems so much more useful though.

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  1. mmm I like cheese…and booze…and I promise not to out you to the powers that be if you ever bitch about them 🙂

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