So I’m getting along fairly well with my Netbook and while I understand that I’m not going to find ready made binaries and happy little plugins for everything I would like. I’m also  remembering what a pain some things can be when installing from source.

My latest adventure has been installing Pidgin’s OTR plugin.  I thought this would be an easy thing to ese me back into the the realm.  So… yeah, ummmmm… it still isn’t installed and I decided to reformat my netbook.  I’m still fairly new to “apt”, which by the way is a really nice package manager, and I installed quite a few things that just, well… I didn’t need them and I hate haveing all these extraneous bits lying around.  So since it doesn’t take that long I reformatted the netbook and started over again.

This time instead of using apt-get for some of the stuff I just went to the site and got the source direct.  I found that I didn’t have 2 packages I needed when I tried to compile GLib, pkg-config and .  I did apt-get them.  Then I tried to compile GTK+…. yeah…. now I remember why I don’t like dependencies.

So pixman begat cairo, which begat a whole butt-load of other crap…. I might get the plugin installed by next Tuesday.  /me sighs

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