There is one staple in my life, The Lansing City Market. The people there are the ones that you can always count on to know what you need and are always willing to help you out.

I’m a member of ELFCO (East Lansing Food Co-Op), but since they opened their stand at the City Market I really haven’t had a need to go to the actual store. They have everything I need!

I love this place!

Another of my favorite stops is Materagaia, for all our organic beer brewing needs!  Great people great supplies!

And then there is Hill’s Cheese. /me drools¬† I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again… They have THE BEST cheese in the my little slice of the world!

Thus ends today’s City Market Love Fest…

And I didn’t even get to Moo-ville, Otto’s Chicken and Westwind Milling…

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