CTS_Sketch_53So since I’m on a mission to force myself to use more Crushed Curry paper, I decided I needed to make another version of the Turkey day invitation.  This one was based off the CAS(E) this Sketch #53.

closed turkey day card

When I looked at it I almost immediately thought of the cards that have folding sides, and so viola, my “gated turkey day” card was formed. I think I like the patterns on the card better this time and I’m getting a little more mileage out of that crushed curry.  Yes I did use some of the same components as the last turkey day card, but that seemed like a good idea lest my family think that someone got a more special card than the other.  That just is not an option.  So I’m sticking it out with Sweater Weather and Crushed Curry for my Turkey day invitations, just in different and happily funky ways!IMG_0006

Here’s a view of it open.  Right now Mr. Gobbles is just sitting in mid-air, but we’ll fix that when I work on the insides later.







gryphn Fun with paper

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