flowerThankYouWow I haven’t posted in a while…  I made a great new card tonight I’m really happy with!  I tried a bunch of different options for the center of the flowers, but I kept coming back to the Jewels Basic Rhinestones.  You just can’t beat the glimmer and believe me I tried to find another option.  I tried Stickles and pearls and beads… they all just did not look right.  I also tried the rounded corners on the card for the first tim and I think that added a bit to the ‘elegance’ of the card.  I figure it’s once enough I’m going to enter it in the CAS(E) this sketch #79.Sketch #79

I stuck with a fairly simple idea.  I wanted a nice thank you card that used the new mini flower punch and was something I would be proud to send to a loved one.  One that really showed how much what they did meant to me.  I think this did it.  The red of love in the flowers and the growth of that love in the vines springing flower with bounty.

I know enough of me waxing poetic.  I do really like this card though.


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