I think I’ve finally found my favorite coffee.  I tend to float around and drink whatever coffee is at hand.  I’ve had really bad coffee and really good coffee, but there was never a coffee that stood out and said, ” Hey you, yeah you! You want to drink me!”.  That is until I had Costa Rican Peaberry.  Me likey.  It’s mellow and drinkable, almost chugable.  Thinking about it, in my head I just compared it to mass market beer and that’s  unfair.  It has a LOT more flavor!  Instead I’m think of it as a breakfast stout.  It’s smooth and rich, there is a little bit of sweet and a little bit of floral lightness to it.  It’s just really really good!  The other thing I like about it is the lack of the acidic ‘smack you in the face’ bite. It’s good to wake up with in the morning.  (Really good with a blueberry coffee cake too! 😉 )

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