Food & Drink

Holy Goat Chops Batman!

So I finally broke down and got some goat chops at the City Market.  Now my chore is to figure out how to best dress them.  And no I’m not talking in a frilly dress either. 🙂 Seriously though… I’ve got nothing on this one, […]

Lemon Lemon Lemon

As you may or may not remember, I made a lemon cordial at the same time as I made the lime and cherry cordial.  I’m very pleased with the Lime and meh about the Cherry.  The Lemon has a LOT of potential, but I think […]


So I managed to pull it off… I made a double batch of the Lime cordial and I’ll be a monkey’s aunt if it didn’t turn out better than the last batch!  I’m really excited about it!  I tried some straight and with the Lemon […]

more cordials… Yay!

I’m trying my hand at some more cordials.  I’m thinking this batch should turn out pretty good, though I’m concerned that I may have added the simple syrup too early and it may cause the flavor to not be what I want. Apparently adding it […]

Portable Feast in “Old Town” Lansing

Bryan and I have found a new breakfast spot that we absolutely love, Portable Feast & Friends.  The restaurant is on Turner Street in Old Town.  We’ve gone there the last 3 Saturdays and every time the quality of the food is superb and the […]

New stout experiment – followup

As you may have read, Bryan and I broke the stout recipe into 5 separate 1 gallon carboys to test that addition of various things in the secondary fermentation. We bottled the Dry Hopped one and the Control on Tuesday and we bottled the remaining […]

Sea Urchin Battleship sushi

So I decided to try sea urchin in sushi form the other day. I would not suggest trying it to any one else unless they had a strong stomach. Not that it tasted bad, it was the texture that so COMPLETELY grossed me out. I […]

New stout experiment

We’ve brewed a new Stout, but this one (Dark Horse 4) is going to have a little twist going into the secondary… or should I say secondaries.  We are going to split the batch into 5 separate 1 gallon batches and see what happens when […]

Cordials and Liqueurs

I’ve made the foray into the realms of happy little cordials.  It seems a rather straight forward process, so I’m hopeful that it will work out a bit better than my first attempts at sodas.  I’ve started out with some rather simple ones: Banana Lime […]

Costa Rican Peaberry coffee

I think I’ve finally found my favorite coffee.  I tend to float around and drink whatever coffee is at hand.  I’ve had really bad coffee and really good coffee, but there was never a coffee that stood out and said, ” Hey you, yeah you! […]