Missy's Version of Alton Brown's Squash Soup

I made the Alton Brown Squash Soup last night.  I had squash and I really wanted some soup so you can see where that went…

I ran out of chicken stock after 2 cups and I needed 3, so I fished some dashi stock I made a little while back out of the freezer and stuck that in.  I don’t think I taste any odd flavors because of it.  I thought it tasted really superb until I put in the nutmeg.  Now maybe I just don’t like nutmeg, I don’t know, but where it was great before, I think it’s merely good now.  Oh, I also didn’t have cream, or an immersion blender.  So I used my potato masher and and mix and masher to creamy it up a bit.  In place of the cream I ended up using plain yogurt.  I probably should have just used milk, but frankly I like the tang of yogurt and like I said it was great, until the nutmeg.  I think I’ll skip it next time. and maybe add some roasted carrots.

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