Brewing is fun and sometimes frustrating…

Well things have been interesting on the brewing front. We moved our second batch to a secondary fermenter Wednesday. Everything was going well, but apparently there was a failure to take into account the possibility that aeration via the funnel and all that might cause a new burst of fermentation. We ended up with a fermentation lock that was a mess to say the least. We had to redo the fermentation lock and use the stopper-plug-tube-into-sanitized-water trick. I didn’t want to do it that way, but the Carbon Dioxide emissions were too intense for the little lock. I’m pretty concerned this is going to have a bad effect on the Blonde, but who knows. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. *sighs*

The Pale ale looks like its about ready to go into secondary too, but the gravity dropped again yesterday so I guess not quite yet.

This Saturday, we’ll be brewing up a stout. I’m really grooving on the whole Organic brewing too. We’re getting our supplies from Materagaia at the Lansing City Market. Man I love the City Market they have everything! Did I mention the cheese curds and the ice cream sandwiches? *drools*

Ok, that’s all for now!

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