Not much has been going on lately… Irq13 and I have gotten through the 2nd act of Gears of War on the insane level. Let me tell ya… it is insane and at time frustrating, but still a lot of fun! Fun with a capital ‘F’!

We should be getting Guitar Hero 2 in the mail shorly. I’m hoping at least… GameFly said it shipped and GameFly doesn’t lie! I’ve been jonesin’ for it since we played it at D&L’s place. Really looking forward to trying it again.

gryphn Life

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  1. What is Guitar Hero 2!?!?!
    Its only the coolest game for the PS2 besides Okami!
    Its what everyone has always wanted to do… Play air guitar, do it well enough so you score points and become famous! Its the American dream! 😉

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