• Taking their cherries will never be this easy again
  • Age doesn’t have to make you flacid
  • Get this watch if royal blood is running through your vanes…
  • She stopped using the vibrator after this
  • The truth about you
  • Make your lover beg for more
  • Gigantic and unbelievable in your pants
  • Nothing compares to 8 inches of man-muscle
  • Your powerful uprise will excite women!
  • The interesting part is that this causes he solution to look a lot more symmetric.

The sad thing about these subject lines is they just aren’t as amuzing any more.  I had to actually log into my spam email account to find some decent ones.  Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to keep accumulating them.  🙂

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  1. Maybe not amusing, but number 10 caught my attention, so I took a closer look. Note that the ‘t’ that was removed from ‘the’ is precisely in the center of the otherwise complete sentence – 41 characters away from either end. I wouldn’t call it symmetric per se, but I swear there must have been some non-sweatshop intelligence behind that one. Not to mention, that is an excerpt from a mostly philosophical discussion on the elegance of asynchronous messaging, a fundamental enabler of web 2.0/AJAX.

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