December 16

I like Linux and I like apple and I even like windows for the most part.  Now in Windows you wouldn’t get a change to the base functionality of xcopy, but here in linux world I have exactly that in the cp command.  it’s always been easy to overwrite a whole slew of files at once if I was say updating a bunch of web sites to a new version of WordPress.  All I had to do was use the –reply=”no|yes” and it would automatically respond to the interactive request to overwrite the files with a yes.  I loved it. It made wading through all the updates to the umpteen different WordPress sites scriptable and fast.  No longer.  The –reply=”” command has been removed from cp.  So now I get to find another way to do it and it’s going to be cumbersome and annoying.  I wonder if I can find an older copy of cp that still has the –reply…. *sighs*